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Our Solution


We provide a comprehensive, turnkey solution, offering a fully equipped UAV with integrated spectral and thermal cameras, ready to deploy straight out of the box.

How it Works


Collecting data

Harnessing the latest in drone, airplane, and satellite-based remote sensing imagery to survey your fields, supplemented by meticulously curated historical climate and weather records.

Applying analysis

We conduct precise analyses tailored to crops, varieties, and regions using advanced models and AI, delivering detailed insights into crop technology and physiological traits.

Creating maps

Our analysis produces detailed maps identifying agronomic issues such as nutrient deficiencies, disease infections, and pest/weed infestations, enabling targeted interventions.


We provide personalized and meticulously crafted recommendations for the optimum management and treatment of your land and crops, ensuring precise and effective solutions.

Our Technology

See the unseen

The limitations of visual inspection often lead to delayed detection of crop stress. By the time pests become visible to the naked eye, the infection may have already established itself, potentially causing significant yield loss. Robocare leverages hyperspectral imaging, a sophisticated technology that captures invisible reflected signals beyond the near-infrared spectrum. This enables us to generate unique plant signatures that differentiate between healthy and stressed crops. By identifying stress early, we can alert farmers and facilitate timely interventions before the infection becomes uncontrollable.

Our Partners

We use technology for sustainable agriculture.

RoboCare provides a digital monitoring system for preventing plant disease late detection, fast propagation, and reducing pesticide uses. Our solution is based on spectral technology and AI.

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