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what is RoboCare?

RoboCare is a tunisian company founded in 2020 by Dr. Imen Hbiri. RoboCare provides digital monitoring systems that prevent late-stage plant disease detection, slow disease spread, and reduce pesticide use. Using spectral technology and AI, we offer early-stage plant disease detection, allowing farmers to precisely monitor crops and manage stress factors. RoboCare’s approach helps optimize pesticide, water, and fertilizer use, leading to improved land efficiency and reduced chemical application.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Imen Hbiri
Dr. Imen HbiriCo-Founder & CTO
Ameur Hbiri
Ameur HbiriRobocare Co-Founder
Malek Ben mbarek
Malek Ben mbarekMarketing Manager
Abdelaziz Kallel
Abdelaziz Kallel Professeur chez Research Center on ICT of Sfax
Kamel Gargouri
Kamel Gargouri Full Professor at Institut de l'olivier
Zekri Mohamed
Zekri MohamedR&D Director
Anwar Ben Mahmoud
Anwar Ben MahmoudEmbedded System Eng.
Sadok Bejar
Sadok BejarSoftware Development Eng.
Marwa KADRIAgronomic Engineering
Emna Abdellatif
Emna AbdellatifAgronomist researcher

What we Do?

We provide precision farming services to Monitor crops, Prevent stress, Control plant requirements (pesticide, water, and fertilization), Improve land efficiency and Optimize pesticide needs




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We use technology for sustainable agriculture.

RoboCare provides a digital monitoring system for preventing plant disease late detection, fast propagation, and reducing pesticide uses. Our solution is based on spectral technology and AI.

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